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Meet the Team


Duane Spytman

BSME Oakland University

MBA University of Detroit Mercy, Director of Chassis Engineering Chrysler LCC, Director of Masters of Product Development and Masters of Engineering Management, University of Detroit Mercy.

Duane is dedicated to improving America’s ability to compete in a rapidly changing world.

Specialty: Marketing, Innovation, Technology and Product Develop Implementation


Darrell Kleinke

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

University of Detroit Mercy

Dr Kleinke has worked as both an instructor and as a practicing engineer. As an instructor, he has taught all levels of mechanical engineering courses, ranging from freshmen courses such as Introduction to Engineering, up to graduate courses in Engineering Architecture. His specialization is in machine design. As a practicing engineer he has over 25 years of automotive engineering experience and holds three United States Patents. As a promoter of the engineering profession, he has worked with the Engineering Society of Detroit to deliver licensing review seminars over the past 15 years. His research interests include collaborative projects with health care professionals to develop assistive technologies for the disabled community. He is also investigating techniques to foster innovative design methods and to encourage innovation in corporate settings.


Jonathan Weaver

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Detroit Mercy, teaches a variety of courses – including courses on innovation/creativity, systems engineering, systems architecture, design of experiments, robotics, computer aided engineering, and the product development process. He holds a BSME degree from Virginia Tech, and MS and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He serves as the co-curriculum director for the Masters in Product Development Program and is a Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network Fellow. His consulting work through Innovation in Action involves helping practicing engineers learn systematic innovation techniques that enable them to routinely generate and implement high-value, innovative ideas.